Sunscreen – What you should know?

Sunscreen, also known as sunblock, is a lotion, spray, gel, foam stick or other topical product that absorbs or reflects some of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation. There is lot of confusion in our minds when we plan to buy a sunscreen. Lets understand what we need toknow before buying SUNSCREEN !1)Sunscreen Protection Factor or SPF should be minimum 30 . use higher SPF if possible if you are on vacation, trekking or a sports person. The SPF  will give you an idea about your UVB protection

2) Boots star rating / PA rating should be at least 3 or above. This gives idea about protection from the UVA rays. If a sunscreen has both these factors mentioned it is known as broad spectrum sunscreen.

3) IR on a sunscreen tube shows that ir protects you from invisible radiations. This is necessary as we get exposed to lot of light like from tubelights, TV/Computer/Mobile screen.

3) Non Comedogenic sunscreens should be a choice as they do not clog pores and therefore are less prone for pimples or acne formation.

4) Very water resistant is better than water resistant especially for people who love swimming and sports. It means that the sunscreen will work for at least 40-80 minutes inspite of sweating or being immersed in water (swimming).

5) Formulations: Silicon Gel and Aqua Gel are better suited for oily skin, Lotions and creams for dry skin, Sprays and Lotions for larger body surface areas.

6) Others: many additive factors are added to the sunscreen for additional benefits like Anti ageing, Lightening, Moisturizing, Anti- pollution benefits. The exact value of such additives is debatable.

So while choosing your sunscreen, read the label well. Look for the above factors and then invest in your sunscreen.

Remember sunscreen should be applied everyday, in every climate even when it is cloudy, in all seasons be it rainy, summer or winter.

you need to reapply it every 4 hourly atleast for its optimum benefit, more frequently when you are outdoors.